Making a racing game! Difficulty: 4/10 or 🟨)

Here is my idea on how to make that. This is not that time-consuming and is actually quite easy.

  1. Put a teleporter down with these settings:

  1. Put a trigger down with these settings:

Screenshot 2023-11-13 7.23.38 PM
3. Then make another teleporter with the same settings as the first, but the group is 2 and the target is 3, and attach it to the trigger with a wire like so:

  1. Attach the trigger to another teleporter with a group of 3 and a target of 4 with a wire like so:

  1. Repeat these steps again, incrementing the groups and the targets by one each time until you have something like this, but in a oval as a track:
    Screenshot 2023-11-13 7.31.14 PM
  2. Add a prop of your choice as your car and set it so that when a player teleports to a teleporter, that prop appears under the player, and the car behind it disappears, so that it looks like the player and the car are moving and the player is in the car.
  3. Repeat all these steps with some modifications to the teleporter’s groups and targets, so that multiple people can race.
  4. Make a zone that detects which player entered it first and attach a notification device like so:
    Screenshot 2023-11-13 7.46.58 PM

  1. It would be hard for me, because I just started using blocks, to detect who enters the zone first, second, and third and rank them, so I just added a block:

Good luck!


Nice guide, @KingT-Race !
I would rate this about a 3

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Nice guide! Be sure to put it in Community Made Guides !

would the market stall prop work as a car? I think so.

If you can somehow manipulate it into a car, it would work

I recategorized it to help because it looked like a help question at first glance. (I see it’s a guide)

Yeah it looked like a help question to me too.

Add a difficulty @KingT-Race ?

What difficulty should this be?
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Also, just so you know, the difficulty-color-emoji that corresponds to 4/10 is :yellow_square: or :yellow_square: (for some reason you can’t put emojis in a title just put the one :arrow_upper_right:
I changed it for you.

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Thank you @Haiasi ! I did not know.