Making a Pop-up shop for all your pop-up shop needs

Make a variable to be set to the same value as the property and then instead of putting get property + 1 do the variable + 1.

That won’t update the property…

Maybe instead of updating the property like you did, do this?

Yes it will. Look how it would be:

var number = property number
property number = var number + 1

That would.

One way to make it so there’s less clutter is to instead of wires use the channels.

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Did you not know about max device limit? Because technically you cannot have infinite call-to-action buttons. Or is that why it is in quotations?

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Wait… the popup limitation is 200 popups? Well, that’s still enough.

wait, my rpg…



Ha! Good luck with that! Maybe you could use notifications and game overlays instead.

mysz ONLY

I half expected you to say “Why are you asking this on a 2 month old guide you know I can’t edit anymore? Don’t you have better things in life to do? Come on!” Then I read your comment and was legitimately surprised.

I can tell the effort difference in Community Made Guides from June, and Community Made Guides now.



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bump because this is an incredibly useful mechanic for so many kinds of gkc games

for example, i made a very big crafting menu with it:


sorry guys I burped

What do you mean by call to action button?

in a popup, there is a section titled call to action. call to actions are basically those buttons in popups

wow this was really bad


For a second I forgot you made this

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