Make an In-Game Help Guide! 🟩

Do your players get confused by your game?

Do you want to give helpful hints to players?

Well, this is the guide for you!

Let’s start by placing an overlay device.
set it up to be a button Labeled ‘Help’
Connect it to a popup, set up so that when the button is pressed, open popup.
Change the popup so that it greets the player.
Add a call to action to open another popup.
This second popup is a ‘page’
Type in the content box to write a page of the guide book.
Set the primary call to action to ‘–>’
Do not set the secondary.
wire it up to the next page like this:

Make the second page the same, but with different content, and also a secondary call to action labeled ‘<–’.
Wire the second page to the first page like this:

Make a third page, which is the same as the second but with different content.
Wire up to the second page like the first page is wired to the second.
Repeat until you have the finished guide.

Your finished book should look like this:

Try it out!


This should be lower then :yellow_square:, it seems hard, but it easy. Great guide! (i need to get back to my homework!)


That better?​

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That suits the difficulty of the guide better. Not that I’m saying your guide is easy (it is just wires and popups) It’s just what I said in the parentheses.

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That’s a lot of pop-ups you got there. Also, this isn’t really in the informational category, as that contains in-depth game mechanics, like pseudo-teaming, advanced update order, etc.

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19 in total :nerd_face:(im smart)


Oh. I thought i’d put that on because it is informal to the player.

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It is very informal to the player. The informal tag is only for like big information I think.

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The tag is gone.​

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The pictures are from my open world survival game (which is very complex.) People got lost easily, so I made a guide book. I thought it was cool, so I made this topic.

Woah! Open-world survival game?! That sounds awesome! Do you play a blue baritone isntrument? (i know off-topic, you can put a on-topic message next to my off-topic question, I can back you up if someone says off-topic!)

Guys, don’t get off-topic…

It’s my specialty tho…jk! I just say enough, great guide @BlueBaritone21 !

unless you want to get flagged

Um, do.

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Nice guide :slight_smile:

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