Make a tracking button

So i am trying to make it so that when you die your teammates can go near you and they can revive you after holding a button for a really long time, and i dont want you to be able to revive your teammates 3 miles away, so how do i make it

What I would do is wait for the skin changing device.

What do you mean the skin changing device

There is a device like the one in snowy survival.


What does that have to do with tracking a button to a death location

So your teammates know you are dead,

Yeah but what i am trying to make is a button that appears near a death location, i know how to make teammates know you are dead

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So, you could just have a waypoint? When player goes certain distance - ? But, I don’t know how waypionts work

My specialty is with wires,

You’d have to have either a bunch of buttons spread across the map and a coordinate system to see where the player died, or you’d need to have set respawn locations. I’d strongly recommend the latter.

Also, we totally need a player interaction device.


Okay so there is no way of letting the player revival button be near the body without a huge chunk of memory?

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Not really, no.

Are they being killed, or tagged? because if their tagged i have a way to do it…

No they are not tagged

What ?please explain what you did

hey when players die jst make them respawn some where and when they die they drop a item if u pick it up they respawn to the actual game. idk it will work tho. but u can try

you could use pseudo health so if your run out you are stuck in place

true but it will respawn u. u can make the lowest healh to 1 or smth a when u get revive u get back to normal.

or some lifecycle that sees your low on health and traps you in place

hmm that may work.idk tho abbt the lifecycle part tho but ok