Make a tracking button

Ok good idea! But is there a way of making them hold for like ten seconds instead of instantly reviving

make it to where when you get killed you can’t move
with a speed modifier and with a checker see if the speed modifier has been activated
then if it does activate a button
that only your team can press
I don’t have the time currently to test that out, so I guess you could try it to see if it works or not
oh and use a wire repeater for the 10 seconds or whatever

Ok but the main problem is how i make there be a button specifically at the deathlocation, and i dont want to let there be buttons over the entire map, (cause im lazy) wait actually i have an idea involving game overlays.

good idea use game overlays

But how do you let players have to hold the button for a while to revive? Because i do not want my players standing close to each other and instantly revive each other

just connect it to an out of bounds location of the map
connect the game overlay with a trigger delay and the trigger to teleport to the spawn point/s

Okay sounds like a good idea

I actually might be able to make a guide on this even

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