Make a random number generator

You are going to need:

  1. First put down a Lifecycle and click on it and set event to Game Start
  2. Put down a Property and set type to number and set default to 0
  3. Put down a Trigger and set triggered by player collision to No
  4. On trigger go and make a new block in the block do this:
  5. wire the Lifecycle to the Trigger: Event occurs → Trigger

Now you are done. I hoped this helped.

PS: Change the numbers to what you want and copy and paste the “if do” blocks for each possibility.

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You can use a variable instead of a property, and you can use “else ifs” instead of all those “if” blocks
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and you could use concatenation (not really since its not with a create text with block so its more just like an optimization thingy)

broadcast on channel (get property) [number]

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