Losing likes v2 [RESOLVED]

Remember last time this happened? A bunch of people lost about a hundred likes. This time, I lost about 20-110. What thread got deleted this time?

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How to become a guardian of the gimalaxy

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That makes sense. I’m looking at the all-time leaderboard, and everyone else lost about 80 likes. I got off lucky.

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I remember when the original 1000 post topic got unlisted, it obliterated the likes leaderboard due to like 80% of the likes coming from it.

Me and Cameron sharer both lost around 1/2 to 2/3 of our total likes lol

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Oh my goodness. How many likes did you have?

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I went about 110 to 45, Cameron went 145 to 70

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If a topic gets unlisted, the likes go away?

Update: Wiki post?

yep -navy

yep -mysz


nope -haiasi

BLACKHOLE i think i found it! but, sadly, its locked


It says I can’t view. Anyways, bye for the night.

ok i fixed it but its still locked

I can’t view it… but I think that’s the right one!

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