Lose 25% of money on death

HOw you I do that I want the player who dies to lose 25% of their money, and the player who kills then gain that 25%.

Most likely blocks, not sure how though, give me a few seconds.

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Try using a property, and use triggers to program the block code?
Never accaully tried to do this

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Sorry, I don’t know how to make it so that it gives it to the the player that killed u
How will the computer gives it to BOB, if bob killed james?
The ko manager can’t track who killed who
@WolfTechnology you know how to do this?
This was one of the questions i had scince day one of GKC
(I just never had a chance to accaully need it.)

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It could track who willed them though, by connecting a KO manager to a trigger, triggering the player name.
(Ithink, IKD)

yeah but you can make a notif say how killed who so if you base it off of that it may work. but i don’t think you can make it give 25% of an item its either all or non.

WAit, could you explain that again?
(pls, this is complete mystery to me)

Okay, I will keep this topic open just in case somebody has and idea, if nobody has anything then I will mark you as a solution

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so you know how you can say as a notifacation who killed who? you maybe able to use that notif as a function starter for the give inventory too.

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I might be able to figure this out

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We can do this for score, but not accaul item s i think (all of this is hypothetical

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Ohh, using a notification?
uhh, let me try that. (because i didn’t know you can do that)

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its a theory the only way to track a player name i believe.

Just change it from 50 to 25.

Oh, that is not what i mean. I mean like how will the computer know who killed who, instead of Bob ko jill, jill ko bob?

Wait, thats it!
(I knew there had to be something on this question!)

it needs to be cash, so would that work?

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I also need it so that the player that killed them gets the money

Reverse the process for that.

YEah, it would, cause energy and cash are both items (I havent read the guide yet)