Lore ideas for a platformer

so im making a platformer, and i need some lore ideas. it takes place in a dungeon where you wake up. some ideas for some obstacles would also be nice!!

also, if anybody wants a character named after them comment

Guide to ideas to cure boredom: Platforming Edition
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  1. A ruined entrance, maybe some stuff that looks broken?
  2. Sure, I would love to have a character named after me!

Also, platformer is only for guides

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ah my bad then, thank you!!

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You’re mind has been brainwashed and you wake up falling… falling with no where to go. But to get your memories back, aka win, you have to climb to the top.
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lore idea: You’re the leader of one of the biggest crime syndicates. The police have started backing you into a corner(figuratively) after a rat backstabbed you. Most of your forces have been arrested and the police have found your base and ransacked your home. On the run, the work forces find you and you trip on your untied shoelace. You hear a crack and your mind goes blank. You get isekai’d to another world. Finally, you awaken after an unknown amount of time and you find yourself an a stone platform in a dungeon. You’ve got no idea what to do but to escape and take things from there…

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Lore #1

This textYou slowly open your eyes and realize that you are in a dark, damp dungeon. As you try to recollect your thoughts, you remember that you were on a journey to find a powerful artifact that could save your kingdom from a great calamity. However, you were ambushed by a group of bandits who knocked you unconscious and brought you to this dreadful place.

As you look around, you notice that the dungeon is old and abandoned, with cobwebs and mold covering the walls. You also realize that you are not alone, as you hear the faint sounds of other prisoners moaning in pain or despair. You try to stand up, but your body feels weak and sore, and you realize that you have been kept captive for several days without food or water.

As you ponder your situation, you remember the teachings of your mentor, who always told you that in times of adversity, one must not lose hope or courage. You start to examine your surroundings more carefully, looking for any clue or tool that could help you escape. You notice that the door to your cell is locked, but the lock seems old and rusty. You also see a small hole in the wall, which might lead to another room or passage.

With determination in your heart, you decide to explore the dungeon and find a way out. You know that the journey ahead will be perilous and full of challenges, but you also know that you are not alone in this quest. You will find allies and enemies, treasures and traps, and ultimately, the destiny that awaits you. will be hidden

Lore #2

As you slowly regain consciousness, you realize that you are in a dark and dank dungeon. You can barely see anything, but you can feel the cold, damp walls and the hard floor beneath you. You try to remember how you got here, but your mind is foggy and confused. All you can recall is a blurry image of a hooded figure who cast a spell on you and took you captive.

As you gather your thoughts, you start to explore your surroundings. You notice that you are in a small cell, with a heavy iron door that seems to be locked from the outside. You also hear the faint sounds of other prisoners moaning or crying, which makes you realize that you are not alone in this place. You try to shout or call for help, but your voice echoes back to you, and you realize that no one can hear you.

As you ponder your situation, you start to notice strange symbols and markings on the walls and floor. Some of them seem to be arcane runes or sigils, while others are more cryptic and mysterious. You also sense a strange energy in the air, as if there were some kind of magic or enchantment at work in this place.

With a mixture of fear and curiosity, you decide to explore the dungeon and find a way out. You know that the journey ahead will be fraught with danger and uncertainty, but you also know that you are not an ordinary prisoner. You have a special gift or talent that sets you apart from others, and that might be the key to your survival. You will need to use your wit, your skills, and your intuition to unravel the mysteries of this dungeon and escape its clutches.

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You’re such a good writer! A NATURAL!

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Thank you so much! I try my best to please others!

Have a character that gives uselss clues like
(you will die in here if you don’t get out)
(you seem to be frustrated that you are in this dungeon, could you elaborate on your feelings)

Yes… that was a dig on popular psychology

I would have no problem if you named this character after me


Add disapearing platforms. (Trigger with a delay makes a prop disapear. After 5 more seconds, show the prop.)