Lore help, open world game

I’m making this game, and I need lore, you spawn in a village, and there are a ton of areas to go to.


stuff you can break, npcs, boss battles, quests, shops, scams, traps, more storyline… Make it so that their village had a giant backstory that was filled with wars, and their gonna have another one soon. Make the story based on you being the hero.

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That’s not spsific, what is the lore

Basically, they had a history of having lots of war, and they are gonna have another one soon Make the story based on you being the hero, and having like heroes in the past failing to succeed and save the village and stuff. Or you could base it off a fav book.

And how would you “save” the village?

maybe the world was invaded by things from other world and are getting more powerful and begin to destroy the world and you were chosen to save the world?

A guide to creating good lore
i found this

Sorry, it’s not helping much…

Save the village from the evil people who are attacking you. Days will pass by, like day 1, something happens, day 3, yada yada, day 15, boss.

Honestly you can’t make an open world

How? I made one.

They have a wall limit

What I mean is a fully open world game

One word: Teleporters

Nah, you can. An open world is just basically something like GTA I guess.

No game can be fully open world, if you mean literally.

What i mean is a game very big that it would take hours to explore the entire map

That’s not possible, unless you use a lot of camera views

yeah, that’s possible. Just add badges, Easter eggs, stuff like that.

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What kind of badges should I add?

You should probably have a room for it