Loot system keeps displaying error

I made a loot system like fishtopia. I posted a topic about it not giving anything earlier, but I fixed this issue. Now, when I try to purchase a roll through the button, it says I don’t have enough of the required materials (cash). I don’t have the material in which you are supposed to receive fully setup yet though. (don’t complain about it because I know how to do it.)

I’m not really understanding the problem… From what I read it seems like the whole system is in development. It sounds like RNG so maybe try using these guides instead:

The Coolcadian RNG Game (WIP) (Difficulty: ?/10)

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when i press the button to roll it says i dont have cash but i do

Change this to bugs @1.0

Do you have a property connected to an IIM that’s linked to cash? Did you test with 11 cash instead of 10?

Does the property “cash” actually track cash?


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