How to make an RNG Type Game! Made by DarkDev

This mechanic or mechanics will help you make an RNG type game with items giving you luck, different auras, etc.

        ** -Items Required- **
  • 2x Game Overlay Device (For rolling) (for item)

  • 1x Trigger (Activate Rolling)

  • 1x Property Device (Chances)

  • 1x Crafting Table

  • Crafting Recipes (Based on how many items you want)

         **- Making a roll mechanic- **

Step 1: Place down a Game overlay Device.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 1.44.42 PM

Step 2: Make it these settings. (This will be used for ui for the roll button)

Step 3: Place down a trigger and wire the game overlay to the trigger. (Make it these settings.

Step 4: Place down a property device. (Name it this btw.) (make type number and set it to 1)
Screenshot 2024-04-22 1.53.15 PM

Step 5: Go back to the trigger you placed (Step: 3) and click the blocks tab in top left.

Step 6: Make this in blocks. (The value ^1 is the base chance to get your aura
!) (The other 3 slots are for steps coming up)

Step 7: Place down another property named rolls. (This will track rolls).

Step 8: make it these settings.

That is the rolling mechanic.

           ** -% Based Auras- **

You’ll be able to make odds on the items that acts like auras.

Step 1: Place down item granters. (based on how many items you have)
make it these settings. (You can change the item to grant)

Step 2: Go into the blocks tab on the item granter. (You’ll have to do this everytime the more items you have.)

Step 3: make it these settings. (Btw make it on a wire pulse when clicked on the blocks tab).
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.25.13 PM

Step 4: Place a notification device and make it these settings. (This will notify you what you got!)

Step 5: Wire the trigger to the Notification Device.

(REPEAT if you want more ‘aura’)
You will have to do this for every item you implement.

               ** -Crafting and Item Use- **

When you hold and item it will give you extra luck, but it’s hard to craft!

Step 1: Place down a crafting table.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.32.59 PM

Step 2: make it these settings (You can change the craft group name).

Step 3: Place down a crafting recipe and make it these settings (You can change the ingredients)

Step 4: Place down a Game overlay (This will show you what item you have equipped)

Step 5: Wire the recipe to the game overlay. (Instead of holding the item, when visible on your screen you’ll still get the multiplier)

Step 6: Go to the game overlay you’ve just placed and click blocks tab.

Step 7: Make these settings. (This will make the odds of the glove)
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.51.28 PM

(REPEAT if you want more items)


Maybe add more description so that reader’s can have visuals AND instructions. Nice guide!

I will add it right now, ty for replying!

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Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.25.13 PM
Isn’t the + 2 useless? An even + an even number is still even.

no, since it adds the value to make it even so, it contributes to the base value.

hip hip hooray today is a lucky day

Then what is the is even block for? Won’t it return as true/false instead of a number?

for the base value of the item

This is some good stuff. I might add this to my Dungeon Crawler gane!

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were u trying to bold them?

if so, I think u need to fix it


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