Locker help needed

How do i make it when someone’s hiding on a locker (the locker system is clicking a hidden button near a locker to the hiding spot) and when someone tried to enter the hiding spot, it won’t let them sending a notification saying that they’re not allowed to come in unless the person comes out?

you could put a zone inside the locker and make it when the zone is entered, deactivate button, and when you leave the zone it activates the button.

I dont know how to do the notification sorry

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How to make a Locker that you can hide in

Remember that the button will need global scope!


Thanks for the guide, however, i’m not asking how to make the locker.

You could have a counter with a target value of 1, and when the target value is reached, activate a different button that sends the notification. Entering the zone activates the secondary button and deactivates the primary one, and leaving the zone does the opposite.

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