Lobby design help

How do you design a good lobby, in general and for an arcade? I never tried to design anything, so I have very little idea on what to put. Any ideas are appreciated!


Good question. So, you are saying players can push buttons but nothing happens?

No, but they can step on triggers. I was asking if there was a way to cause something to happen pre-game that I could use to change things in-game. (Eg: granting an item, changing a property…)


I am a map designer so this is kind of my thing, but designing is easy just use the arcade floor, both types of arcade machines, the black and brown rectangle table, plates, cups, cash pile, basketball & hoop, and crystal teleporters if you want the players to experience the game. Like what kind of game the machine is, such as alien shooter, etc.

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I was thinking changing properties for future.

Yes, but HOW?

What do you mean how?

How would you change a property before the game starts?

No clue. Further research would have to be done for this. This isn’t in any of Gimkit’s games, so I don’t know if it is possible.

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In hindsight, this should have been two different posts.

You could change the title to lobby design and make another post.

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