Live player counter help

How do I make a live player counter that ends game at 1 player? when I try the game either ends when just 1 player dies or the game doesn’t end. I also want a display with how may players Please explain step to step! btw I read the guide

This guide should be everything you need.

I’m pretty sure that you will need more things for that. And… I just realized that my player counter is bugged.

I read that guide I am talking about the end game mechanic and the overlay with the players

Check if the value of the counter is 1, if it is, end the game.

I know, but when it resets it ends

That’s “supposed” to happen because it resets each tick and passes through 1 player and resets. So make the counter edit a property. Now, make a trigger with a delay of 0.5s. The trigger should trigger a checker that checks if the property is 1. If it is, it should end the game.

Actually, I forgot that I actually added that part in the guide, so it isn’t actually bugged.

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But a solution hasn’t been posted yet.

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I think not:


He specififed that that wasn’t what he was looking for

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Oh, I need to get my eyes checked then…

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Can you explain in more detail?

So each time the repeater repeats, it will trigger the trigger.

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Alright I will check. I can’t build now though

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can you help me to end the game when there is one person left

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i cant
the guide that @potato1 posted did not work for me fsr

check again you probably got the wiring order wrong