List of kos help

how would i make like a list of kos that update whener anyone is killed

Like how many people have been killed?
IF so then just get a counter, a ko manager, a property, and text

Use a property linked to a knockout manager.
Or a lifecycle is better.
Event occurs < increment counter.
The counter will update the property, Knockouts.
Use a end of game widget and make it show the property of *Knockouts. *

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Ah! I just got an idea for a guide to make.

i didnt explain it good enough. i meant for each player, that they can see by pressing a button onscreen.

I don’t know how you could do that, but maybe use a overlay that has text equaling the triggering player’s knockout score…

Ohhh so like some of the fortnite creative games

Is it supposed to be kills per player or your kills?

your kills.

Would it be an overlay or on the leaderboard? List or number?