Limited lives help

So, i am trying to make limited lives and I want 5 lives and when you have lives, it shows :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: for five lives and :x: for none

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How to make a 3 life system? - #3 by Blackhole927 like this but different

Lifecycle, to player knocked out, and item granter can take away something as a life. You can use a item or property for pseudo health

The psuedo health prb isn’t needed, just a count of how many times they have died and a way to display it, like on a game overlay


yeah, true. Pseudo health is when you use an item to track health, right?

if so, property could use property to do it

or a property

but the key thing is it’s fake not real

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Coincidence, it’s in my bio already.

[How to make a limited number of lives (REMASTERED) [Difficulty 2-3/10 or :green_square:]

This is the remastered version of How to make a limited number of lives [Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10]

First, place a Lifecycle.
Set the Event to “Player Knocked Out.”
Then, place a Counter.
Here are it’s settings:

Set the “Starting Value” setting to the number of lives you want each player to start with.
Set the “count scope” to player.

Now, place your property.
I’ll call mine “LivesLeft” but you can name yours whatever you want.
Set the “Property Type” to Number and set the Default Value to the number of lives you want each player to start with.
In the “when property value changes” channel slot, make it broadcast on “updateoverlaylivesleft” or whatever channel you want.
This will be important for the blockcode.

Let’s go back to the Counter.
Go to the “Property” tab and set “Update Property” to “Yes” and put the property you created.

Wire the Lifecycle to the Counter.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Counter) Decrement Counter

Place your Game Overlay.
Set the Overlay Type to “Text.”
Set the “Content Scope” to player.

Finally, go to the Game Overlay’s blocks.
Create a new block when receiving on a channel.
Now, make it receive on “updateoverlaylivesleft” or whatever channel you put in the property’s “when property value changed, transmit on” chanbel slot.

Put this blockcode in:


”Set Text” = For This Device

”Create Text With” = Text

”Get Property” = Essentials

” Lives Left” = Text


yea, it can be used to help track health though, since we don’t have that in gkc yet. hopefully they add that, and add hit trackers.

i dont see the remasterd version it just takes me back to the regular one

No, it was just linking my original guide.
If you scroll down, you can see the remastered version.

For this part, use if and else if do statements with text blocks and emojis.

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I think properties with a lifecycle could do it, then choose a counter or item granter to track it.

its not uploading


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thank you

don’t forget to mark a solution for haiasi if it worked

how do you make it so that the property number is hearts? i want each life to be :heart:

Instead of using the “Get Property” block, follow this code:

if Get Property “LivesLeft” = 5
do | Set Text | Lives: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

else if Get Property “LivesLeft” = 4
do | Set Text | Lives: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

else if Get Property “LivesLeft” = 3
do | Set Text | Lives: :heart: :heart: :heart:

else if Get Property “LivesLeft” = 2
do | Set Text | Lives: :heart: :heart:

else if Get Property “LivesLeft” = 1
do | Set Text | Lives: :heart:

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sorry but it wont show on screen. i followed everything exacly

Wait, if you have 0 lives left, you’d be ded, so you wouldn’t need to see “X” for none.