Leader board help

So how do you change the leader board to be how many seconds you have survived?

Make them earn a item every second they live and put the leaderboard to amount of items.

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You can set the leaderboard to a property, and that property is set using a counter clock.

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Use this

And just change it to surived.


Place a Lifecycle, Repeater and a Counter-Linked Property.

Points System:

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Counter) Increment Counter

Stopping players from gaining points upon being knocked out

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

Repeater runs every 1.0 seconds, stops on a channel but don’t put a channel, Counter and Property are Player-Scoped.
Put that property in the Map Options score.

Did it work?


As you see, all of these are valid options so just choose which one works best and use that and mark that for a solution.

whats the life cycle settings supposed to be on?

The first one is “Game Start” and the Second one, as you might’ve guessed it from the wire is “Player Knocked Out.”

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kk, thank you, this helps alot


um, its not working…

What are your wires and device settings?
It should work.
Let me send a picture.

Screenshot 2023-12-10 5.37.23 PM

What happens when you test it out in-game?
That’ll help it easier to debug.

it does’nt do anything

Did you put the property in the leaderboard setting in the map options?

ya…(doing the periods for the 20 character thing)

What are your device settings?
Is the property numerical?
Hold On.
I’ll send some pictures.

wdym numerical???

It has to be a Number Type in the “Property Type” setting.

yes, it is numerical