Leader board All of the time

Is there a way that you can make it where the leader board is always active?
so I’m doing this battle arena thing and I kind of want to see who has played and who has had the most kills. like all of the time, even when the game has not started yet.

You can’t really do that, there’s no way to keep info from past games.

yes, just go the the game settings and enable leaderboard then switch what it tracks to kills. It will always be active.

oh dang I thought that there might be

even pre game?----><><

Nope, sorry.

Can you try Shdwy’s saving file thing?

You could have a room with text for an all-time leaderboard, but you’ll have to edit it each time people get a highscore.

Yeah that would um be annoying.

yeah probely not that

whats Shdwy’s saveing file?

Its a weird way to save ingame progress, never used it myself but its a thing.

I’ll try that and see if it works

People playing the game cannot share the save code for the leaderboard though.

oh they can’t thats bad.

thats true, well then @CoolGimkitPlayer I am sorry but I don’t think thats a feature yet, you can make a nolt suggestion about it though.

ok I will do that


where is Nolt suggestion?


Oh thanks, that will help me.
have a nice day!