Layers don't work

Some of the trees on the primary layer are below the player all the time, and often when I try to move something up, it goes down and I have to find it again.

Can you send a screenshot if you’re okay for doing that?

It is when you have lag, or you have been on a map to long, so save your work and X out of the tab, then rehost and try it then.

This has been a recurring problem.


Oh, maybe send a screenshot??

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Okay, what do you want to make above right now?

You need to save your work and rehost the map, it is a lag issue, sort of like how you click on a prop to move it and it moves a different one instead.

No, this always happens!

Not above, primary. It is already primary. I’ve checked.

I wasn’t actively on the map when I posted this topic. I just entered the game to send you that screenshot.

Try moving the prop to the upper end of primary. Or try deleting the tree and putting in a new one.


Well that is how it happens, but how many props are in that area(estamite) and try moving it to above, and see if it works, them move it down via selection, not the arrows.

Then what about other trees?

And if it’s above, what about the trunk?

see if it works for that one, if it does delete the rest and copy that one, it will use the same layer as the first one.

its just to see if it works, or if it is still below the player. if it does, then move it to the top on primary.

Okay, I got two. Hopefully it works for all the rest also. Remember that moving one tree to the top moves another to the bottom.

I know, I design maps more than you do(probably) And I am very well aware of that, which is why I am trying to help.

You might have, but I’ve been doing this since the beginning of GKC, and I’ve been told my maps are great(except for my first map, but we don’t talk about that).