Layer bug, Something that's been here a while

I don’t know but why even get a account at all If you want to be banned It will most likely get his Gimkit account banned too

upside-down guy? also when you get banned, can you still read or are you completely banned?

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Also is this ever going to be fixed cause I emailed Gimkit and told them about this and they said this would be the best spot for it just wondering???

when you get suspended, you are logged out and cannot log in at all, i’m pretty sure you can still read tho

Back on topic please :neutral_face:

So since mostly everyone has forgotten about this topic Will it ever be fixed?

they could be fixing it now who knows :astonished:

I just hope cause it deals with not just props but also devices too so I just hope it gets fixed soon

And also I did email @Pharlain Well she’s the first on to answer to me and she told me this is the best place to report this bug and well how’s that working out :neutral_face: