Lasers that alternate on and off help

So I made this laser beam on and off thing, and for some reason, it is glitchy. I did use a laser beam manager, but I don’t think that is the problem, can someone help???

I also put the delay on the wire repeater to 1.5 and the repeater delays to 1.5 too.

what excatly do u mean by “glitchy”

they sometimes turn on and off quickly

the guide doesn’t require a laser beam manager…

Have you tried going in and out of the game?

But, it said in the comments that you can use one.

it has been happening for many times, even if I leave and rejoin.

you can either use a laser beam manager or the guide system not both and laser beam manager might be easier probably

should I switch the delays on the repeaters and the LBM?

try deleting the LBM first. could u tell me if you are using multiple lasers that alternate or a single one?

I use 10 lasers which are in the same group.

is it like DLD/OWO where they go on and off at the same time? if this is the case then delete the guide thing and use a LBM if this isn’t the case wait for further instruction

yeah, I tried replicating the system in DLD

then delete the repeaters and stuff and ONLY use an LBM with your configured settings

So, I had previously made the same laser system in my other game, and I figured out how to make the lasers not freak out. Thank you so much @Kosm0-o for help!

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