Lasers only damage you once

lasers only deal damage to you once, once you’ve taken that damage, and you dont move, and you stay in the proximity of the laser, you dont take any more damage. Even when i used repeates to activate and deactivate the laser, once you’ve walked into the laser hitbox and don’t move, you wont take anymore dmg, even when the laser turns on and off.

this is a huge issue because my guide on poison fogs depends on the dmg the on and off lasers deal to eliminate afk people. if this issue isnt fixed, then poison fogs would have no effects on afk people.

the only alternate “poison” solution i can think of is creating an item with an item granter removing it, and a checker checks when the item reaches zero, where a respawn device “kills” the player when the item reaches zero
however, then the poison doesnt affect the health/shield at all, which is the entire point of fogs: weakening players to allow other players to kill them easily

You might have to turn on alternate lasers. Like, have a few around to hit you to deal more damage?

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takes too much memory space
but even if i did that, after all the lasers hit you and you stay still, you wouldnt get dmged the 2nd time

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buff them up more.Easy solution!

But if you buff them, it may cause too much damage at once, and immediately knock out the player.


like wingwave said, there will be too much damage, and that isnt the point of poison fogs


@Pika_Pokemon Maybe try to combine this?

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That wouldn’t work. As @Pika_Pokemon said, if you stay still, no matter how many times you activate/deactivate the lasers, they don’t do more damage unless you move.

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Once you touch both of them once, they won’t continue damaging anymore

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Oh okay, that sucks


perhaps this might work, but how do i make the player take dmg?
this only detects inactivity

@Pika_Pokemon You can make the player teleport between lasers if it happens… I think that would work, at least.

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what if…
i use sentries instead of lasers?
that would be nice, but the “poison” damage wont be consistent

Would my idea work?

Make sure the lasers do 200 damage so it will kill them.

A poison fog is supposed to do slow but steady damage, so 200 at once would be too much.

The problem with teleporters is that someone could sit in one as well, and it won’t teleport them.

Sentries would take a lot of memory, but it could work.


Battle Royale maps like this won’t really work, so I’d suggest waiting to see what Gimkit will do when they make it.
Remember: Patience is key
Bam! It might not be what you wanted but the problem, one way or another, is solved.

good idea, but what if the player chose to enter the fog, sacrificing their lives for something important, say, a legendary gadget. then they would have to stay still to interact, and the afk system may see that as “afk” then teleport the player and make it harder for the player to get out of the fog. interesting idea tho