Lasers Alternatives

Any suggestions of what I can do for laser alternatives? My lasers aren’t working

Can you explain the problem with the lasers?

I don’t really know any laser alternatives, but you could use a tag zone or something? It really depends on what you’re making.

Mabey a teleporter hooked up to a zone?

Youse could have a barrier that will deactive and active every now and then but there is also a zone and if the player enters the zone they respawn. also the zone gets activated and deactivated

Yeah, you could do a tag zone, sentry, or using pseudo health.
(There are also just respawn machines)

Hmmm, I kinda like that.

could you explain how?

They won’t alternate, and I don’t know why?

what is pseudo health?

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I was hoping somebody would, this is an ASAP kinda thing, so please answer quickly!

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It is custom health, you have a number property and you input the number of health you want the player to have, this guide should help:

zones and respawners

dey work bro. and they are undetectable