Laser system, but better

How do I make it so one group of lasers is turned on, while the other one is not? Can someone help? ;-;

Use this guide, just add delays between the lasers.

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I tried doing that but it didn’t help :slightly_frowning_face:

(Have all lasers off on game start)
Wire a lifecycle (or your triggering device) to a repeater. ( Infitnite Repeater with the delay that you want your lasers to turn off and on) Wire the repeater to the first group of lasers activating it. Then wire it to the second group of lasers deactivating it. Then wire the repeater to a wire repeater with your delay. Wire the wire repeater to the first group deactivating it, and wire the wire repeater to the second laser group activating it.

Hope this helped!

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Have two groups of lasers and two laser managers. Have one activate on channel A, and deactivate on channel B. Switch the channels for the second laser manager. Hope this helped!


Thank you so much! It helped a ton!

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