Laser help (flickering lasers)

I am making a Super Smash Bros map and for one of the maps, I have 2 sets of lasers, and I want one to go on for 5 secs while others are off for 5 secs. So when one is on, the others are off. I know how to do the flickering itself, but I don’t know how to make the others delayed. Any help?

do you have the laser manger

yeah, I do. I need them to go on and off, but when one is on, the other is off.

can you use a wire or a channel for a specific laser try wire those two different lasers to to different lasers manager

yeah, but they are on and off at the same time

hold up let me try something in game see if it works
This guide should help you with your problems.

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bru just make two different lasers groups it was so simple and it flew by my head

hope this helped @Zvstheworld

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