Lagitamite help than not

i want to make it so their is this like saw blade thing that moves across the screen and you need perfect timing or a pnegelum or laser i know how to do also i want it like where you have to get across a room across lava but it’s 2d top down not platformer

Not related we’re kinda a hotline for gimkit creative so we may as well extend to 911/medical and other hotlines

I don’t think that’s possible.

Explain further please, the first part about GKC

i mean 2d where the floor is lava

Ok gotcha lemme think

details for the first part pls the second part’s answer would be that: everybody knows 911, not everyone knows gimkit, and this is a game forum so that ain’t happening

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ok i mean you know how gimkit expanded from zero d meaning just quesitons too 2d and now platforming i ment like that

The creator of this is one man. at this point he has a little help but still. this is a game
I am done talking about this too I don’t want to be flagged

Earlier was real situation i just came here as a beta test for this feature that didn’t work so nevermind

I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t think that everyone would flag this post and get mad at me. I’m sorry.

You all really need to chill and jus focus on the Gimkit part of this and ignore the 911 part

For the saw blade, you can make an animation

okay thx this would be good for the game

Also the feature of expading hotline was in beta earlier and it failed dismally so nevermind that plant didn’t work because no one apparently knows any tips so nvm

Yeah I figured out how to do its just can’t send anything over rn bc of bad internet

no more hotlines…Please I Going Insane

i’ll stop i’m just trying to help

Please stop. Imagine if you were asked for help. You are not the right person. We are not either.