Knockoff Official Games

With the current tools that we have, how many of the official Gimkit maps could we remake exactly as they are, mechanically if not physically. (I’m looking at you, fishtopia boat)


fishtopia, idk if farmchain counts, one way out, capture the flag, snowbrawl, tag no because key on table, snowy survival no because of password typing, yeah.

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Snowy survival has passwords?

Never done this, but after the vault, the computers get unlocked, and one of the passwords from tag is used. Talks about the Alphastar and such. What happens when you take the wand back to the place of the gold keycard sentries?

We don’t have invisibits, so that rules out ctf and maybe tag? I haven’t played normal modes in a while

It’s for the lore and you enter the password to hack the echo office (not sure, haven’t played ss in a while)

There aren’t invisibits in tag. So, technically, we can only replicate Tag.

Never played it also in a while when Gimkit creative started. Snowy Survival has password-typing, but my way is you wire a button to a questioner for an unlocker.


What about classic mode? Like the mode where you answer questions and have a streak and can buy upgrades from 4 different paths? The UI might not be achievable but the technical stuff should be fine with a bunch of blocks and stuff

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No you can do that pretty easily, with a money per question property, the questioner and the 4 upgrade hallways.

We could have invisabits by using lots of teleporters, but that is too much.

To recreate classical would be easy. The hardest would be the themes. But like nobody uses those, right?

The hardest would be recreating the back to school beat. I really hope it gets added into the 2D games and Creative.


Maybe the sound effect device will add things like back to school beat, summer song, and all of the other ones.

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Back to school beat is better than every other song combined. They definitely should add it.

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Well, I have only heard two of the songs. But the OWO background music beats all.

Snowy Survival and Snowbrawl music be hittin’ tho

Never heard snowy survival. Snowbrawl is pretty good though.


… thats sad I have made the chemical supreme and that takes like hours to do in snowy survival.

I haven’t even bothered to get 10 gold fish.