Knocked out..Myself? Knockout Glitch - Help

Well, i have no idea that happened. My alt knocked out my alt, but it only knocked me out, and it happens to other players.

Here’s the block code for the notification:

That’s because you used two triggering player name blocks, so the person who triggered it (the alt) would be counted as the triggering name. Since you put the triggering name block on the “has oofed” block the notification looks like that.


So how do i fix that?

This is a screenshot I got from @RandomKid . Make this block in the knockout manager.

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I need a notification, not a activity feed. People can’t even see it if they aren’t in fullscreen in chromebook


On a knockout manager set to track player knockouts, make this block:
Make the knockout manager transmit on KoNotification when it detects a knock out. Make the notification device send a notification when it receives on that channel. Make a block in the notification device that triggers when receiving on KoNotification. Make this block:


Hi HEREE I WAS TYPING, I’m Lxmas. Where’s navy?

Anyway does that work? I haven’t tested it out

Let me code this

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Lxmas stop the game you made a mistake in the ko manager code

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Didn’t @NavyCatZ already give the answer? This code should go in the content section, and then it should work, right?

It hasn’t worked yet. I’m testing it with lxmas.

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