Just question about Among us

Does this mean if it is slot 1 the team is 2, and if the slot 2 then team 3?

Need answer to this thing below.

need helep hereeee

can you elaborate please?

When it says the part about “and team right after the slot number”, I need help to understand what it means.

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Meaning like it is the number after the slot number?


nother thing, i am using the

thing it says for slot one to put team 2, but it is also in the team setup
what 2 do?

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Hello? Even @Haiasi can you help?

Please I need the answer today

Please don’t spam. Someone will get back to you in time.

Hey! You finally go your account unbanned! No more illegal alts!

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If i don’t get it today, then I might get an F, would you want that if you were me?

I wish to get the answer and @Haiasi you would no best.

You gotta be online when Haisai is usually online… on weekdays pretty sure its around 4:00-5:00 p.m. but I it doesn’t matter cuz we probably don’t live in the same area

I don’t get what you mean, I’m pretty sure it’s similar to the voting guide by EggNoodle/khangvn29, where you set the amount of teams to the amount of players you expect to j0in, and set it to be ‘split evenly.’
I might be wrong though, so you might want to contact the creator of the guide but I’m pretty sure they went inactive as quotes, topic/posf links notify the author of the guide.

Also, I’m online a lot but I don’t post.
The forums are dying and i don’t really have much motivation to stay on here as much, I’ll still post every now and then but this isn’t just worth spending as much time as I used to.

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