I've been making a game and I need ending ideas now

I’m still developing my game and I’ve been implanting the code I wanted more ideas for endings
(It’s the one with a mansion from the other help post I made)
I need ending ideas, how they get activated, and perhaps end of game widgets and/or cutscene ideas

the main choice in the game is to offer or decline a deal if you decline you have to escape
current endings


normal ending (you have way too much trust in children)
backstab (I’m pretty sure she wanted something else)
Evil (was it really worth it?)


escape on boat (congrats! you committed robbery)
escape in detective’s car


find spaceship at midnight (well you just ignored the entire plot) -Thanks @WhoAmI :smile:


um aren’t these the ideas?

Those are what I have I need more

oh, ok. man I am on a role of not reading correctly


Hmm, maybe you are just tired, anyway back on topic.
Foxy, what is your game about, that might help me brainstorm…

Accept: gets framed by girls parents and caught and get sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Brother ending: get caught playing your borther’s game
Ghost ending: get haunted

you live in a town called foxwood where everyone is poisoned a girl who lives in the stone mansion asks for your help and says her parents are behind it and use these red flowers they hirberize to spread the poison she then asks you to do the following

  1. shut down her aunts flower shop so no one new buys them
  2. get stuff from hospital to knock out her parents
  3. knock out her parents
  4. evacuate citizens on a boat and flee to gimtopia

if you decline you just try to escape the mansion and foxwood

Decline: gets poisoned.

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Steals a helicopter
Fails to escape (Game ends)
Goes through the vents or sewers.
Escapes to the woods

(More room for thought)


omg foxwood from school for good and evil yas

Secret Ending: Otherwordly power.
“With a flash of light, you shake it’s hand, accepting the deal”
The world turns white, as a tear in reality opens before you. You step in…and into the unknown.

Ending: Alien Abduction
Go outside at precisely midnight and find the secret transmitter.


Coward Ending(You Go Back to your boat immediately)

Both: everyone gets knocked out

a few game/lore things

  1. currently there is only single player mode (multi will be added later)
  2. there is also a detective that comes to investigate
  3. characters include: Brittney the girl who gives you the quest, her parents, her aunt who runs a flower shop, a detective from Gimtopia, Stache a weird businessman, Mr. Corn who runs a farm, Ms. Corn who runs a market stall, Ms. poore who runs the plant shop, Ms. Lech who runs a candy shop, captain (insert name here) who runs the fish shop and owns the only boat
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How about this?:

  • A burgular breaks into the house and kills you in a panic bc they didn’t expect to see anyone.

Also, thanks for including Gimtopia. I’m glad to see that name I made get put to good use.

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I made the name for a thumbnail I made for CoolGimkitPlayer a month ago
also didn’t you say gimsville?

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Oh, my mistake. Srry.

Speaking of thumbnails, how’s the Dragon image coming?

Anyone have any more ideas?
the game also includes separate multi and single player modes so it can be based off of that

well not really an idea but how about when you lose before end screen you stand on a boat looking at the sunset saying you losed for about 10 secs and then end the game, probaly not related to your topic at all so sorry if it dosent