It's not impossible

basically anything on a computer can be made in gimkit, but the memory limit >:(

(well, i just need an ego boost because my ego is in the negatives)


This post, I could call nonfiction for it only stats the facts.

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Some things that could be figured out soon:

  • An A.I. like ChatGPT
  • Better Pseudo-health (I’m looking at you, sentries)
  • Cloud variables (unlikely w/o an update)
  • 3D Gimkit!
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blackhole’s 3D in gimkit could be made into a game

Wow. I had no idea that existed, but it’s awesome. I guess we can cross that off the list.

the start of camera point device

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As you were saying New updates

Welp, there’s a device for that now.

I still don’t get how an AI will be made…

A lot of blocks. It would probably also need dozens of channels due to the limit on blocks.

Okay, how do you use block code to initialize artificial intelligence and interpret human language?


A lot of if/elses.

bumped into impossible
the 'im" fell off
now it’s possible.

Thats so inspiring

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A lot of blocks?

I think that AI won’t be made in Gimkit anyway, but if it did, how could we use it then?
How do we type in stuff?

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I have no idea how or why to do it, but if we could build a coding language in Gimkit, I have a feeling A.I. won’t be too far off.

You CAN build a coding language in Gimkit although I wouldn’t technically call it a coding “language”. We can have players use counters to update properties which have specific actions. Or you can do a bunch of encoding stuff. Wait, this just gave me an idea of building GKC in GKC! But it would take way more work than I’m willing to put into it :melting_face: … g’night

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This is still very true! It should always be remembered!!!

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I don’t know the specifics, but that seems like a coding language to me.

You can do this, and I have done it, with a language that is actually regarded as a programming language. It’s not impossible lol.