Items falling from a zone, like Bedwars

How do i make ammo items fall from only a zone, like bedwars?

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Can you put the clay-institute tag on this post?

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There you go

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You could have a lot of item spawners that spawn their items at different times.

You could use that setting.

That depends on him wanting to use item spawners. However, such a solid almost solution means this was not hard enough.

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I don’t want to really use item spawners, since that’s basic. Like dispensers dropping down from the zone.

I also meant items falling from a zone, not just using item spawners.


@anythinger is still replying to this day

Mark a couple of airdrop locations. Use animation to make a falling airdrop for each. Every airdrop should have a unique set of channels (e.g. 1airdrop[animation step], 2airdrop[animation step], etc.). Whichever channel makes the airdrop open should also activate a zone. Entering the zone grants the item. Then, hide the last animation frame when a player leaves the zone, deactivating it. Finally, add some system so every __ seconds a trigger randomly selects one of the locations (lifecycle → wire repeater → trigger). For example:

Set Variable to Random Number Between 1 and 3
Broadcast channel on

Create Text with




So whatever the trigger randomly chooses, it will start the animation process for that airdrop.

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This confuses me

Can you be more specific?

Closed. I guess i’ll use basic things.


Hold up
So i need to do this per ammo?

No, when you enter the airdrop zone, you can say (when player enters → grant item)

That was just the random airdrop location chooser

What should the grant strategy be tho?

@LxmasHaxTakis I guess into inventory?

@LxmasHaxTakis Resolved?