Item Spawner help CCC (Resolved)

how does the art of concatenation fit into informational

Those kind of posts explain a certain useful mechanic in depth. I don’t really know what the exact criteria for “Informational” is though.

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yeah, true, and now that i think about it it is not for most people here, just the advanced ones

“Game-recreation” is not that useful in my opinion, as it would take less time to search up the specific game assuming there are only a couple guides on it. Instead, we should have a criteria on when a genre/game can be a tag. Any ideas?


"Hey @NavyCatZ, good point about the need for criteria on when a genre/game can become a tag. In my opinion, we should consider a genre or game for a tag when:

1. Volume: There are a significant number of posts (maybe 10 or more) related to this genre/game. Having a low number of posts tagged with a particular genre/game could just clutter up the tag system.

2. Consistency: The posts about this genre/game are consistently appearing over time. This suggests a sustained interest and ongoing discussion within the community, rather than a one-off trend.

3. Distinctiveness: The genre/game brings a unique aspect or mechanic to Gimkit creative that isn’t covered by other existing tags. For example, a ‘murder mystery’ game might introduce unique mechanics that differentiate it from other games and thus warrant a tag of its own.

Regarding “Game-recreation”, I agree with you. The tag might not be that useful considering the specific game can be searched up. However, it could still have value in encouraging the exploration of how various popular games can be adapted into the Gimkit creative environment. It’s a matter of balance - we want tags that are useful for finding content, but also ones that inspire and support creative efforts.

As a side note, remember that these are just my suggestions and the final decision should be a community agreement. Let’s keep the conversation open and see what everyone else thinks!" - “GimAI”


you forgot the first quote, but i agree

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I’m getting to it! There aren’t that many large, unsolved questions that would open Gimkit wide open if solved…


The first quote is at the very beginning.

i edited it within the first few mins so it doesn’t have the edit icon, but it wasn’t there originally

Just a pfp question, but is it intentional that your pfp looks like a close up of your part of the Gimvengers picture?

No lol. I do realize now that it looks like that, though.



I don’t get it what did you change

nevermind, just checked it myself, and yeah there is nothing changed

I added a space.


At the end. I wanted to see if it would bump the guide.

you can’t. it is unlisted

i bookmarked it as well as the post where the gimavengers were created

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