Item Spawner help CCC (Resolved)

Is there any way to deactivate item spawners? That would be perfect for making scraps in Choo Choo Charles, because otherwise I would need something and an item granter, which would require option editing and wires.

No, there is not.

You could use props and buttons tho

I wish there was a way to deactivate them.

Should we have a tag called “Game Recreation”?
  • Yes
  • No (Please explain why)
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Same. Welcome to the community @29000533!

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Added it.

I think it’s better to just have a tag for the specific game it’s recreating, like Among Us. However, that tag will only be used if there are many guides aimed towards that game.

I mean like Candyland, TTT, Monopoly, games that are not original and being recreated inside of gimkit.

Back on topic, are there any workarounds?

Yeah, there should be a specific tag for those games. However, if there’s only one guide for it (like candyland) then a tag isn’t necessary.

Props, barriers, teleporting the player to a location with the item spawner then deactivating the teleporter.

i added a game-recreation for my monopoly guide, do you think that was smart?

  • Yes
  • No
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idk people were complaining about too many tags about a week ago but now we’re adding more tags, i don’t really care if there’s a game recreation tag but i think we do need a final opinion on how much tags there should be

At least it’s better than before.

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there’s a similar amount to before, some of them are more useful, but there are also some useless tags. i listed the tags based on how much we need them, the closer to red, the less we need it as a tag

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you marked unresolved in a lighter green, i think that it is a very useful tag

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I would say “Ideas” are somewhat useful as people can easily browse through posts with that tag to look for ideas. “Collab-posts” is useful to an extent as you can easily find wikis with it, though I think we should rename it to “Wiki.” “The Art Of” posts fit more into “Informational,” but we need to establish a criteria for what kind of guides can have that tag. I actually think WIP is useless since I can’t think of a situation where someone would want to search for those guides.


meant to put it in normal lime green mb

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i think wip is more for people that when scrolling through guides can see that it is not done