Item problem needed

So in my game, the human team can craft a cure with items, but I don’t know how to make the player get the items (if that makes sense)

Like you want us to give ideas on how they should get the items? Or like do you need to know how to do something with item granters and/or item spawners?

yes, sorry if I didn’t say that or it wasn’t clear I’m in kinda a rush rn trying to get ready for the gimkit awards.

Add a quest area where the player embarks on side quests to get items.

my game will be kinda confined into one area.

What are the items needed?

Make them raid stores and find stuff in dumpsters or something. You could also make a secret compartment with a lock picking puzzle.

3 water droplets, 2 blueberry’s, and 1 plastic bottle.

Ok. I guess just hide item spawners around.

kinda lazy yk?

lol. I just got back from school and just want to go to bed

my game is about like zombie vs humans, your team can win by getting the most people on your team
for ex: The zombie team infects one of the players of team human, zombie team will get the point, the human team can cure one of the zombies on the zombie team, the human team will get the point. so having them raid store will kinda be confusing and weird for a zombie game.

Water: well?
Blueberries: Planting them? Using up water for that as well. Just craft water and seeds.
Plastic bottle: Just looking around for junk?
Sorry if it sounds like I am describing farmchain.

thats the one I was planning for (and the one I’m making now) but it just kinda got boring and to hard for me to make (plz don’t link any guides)

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bump (i really need this resloved)

do you got a crafting table and recipe you can use that?