Item ideas for DLD map (SCI-FI)

Although DLD isn’t out yet for GIMKIT creative I have done extensive planning for it.

The type of game i am making is a metroidvania game called “FORERUNNER”. See metroidvania definition below.

Metroidvania definition

A metroidvania is a genre of single player videogames where you roam around a immersive world with countless obstacles and challenges that encourage players to explore and discover.
The main way to progress through a metroidvanias is to find items and defeat bosses. A metroidvania’s story is usually told through its world, items. and characters (if their are any outside of the main character)

some examples of metroidvanias are…

Metroid (the first part of the metroidvania name.)
castlevania (the second part of metroidvania name)
Hallow knight

The area you will explore is a planet that has been abandon (except for a gang of aliens you have to defeat) There are ruins left by a highly intelligent race that as gone extinct by an unknown cause. (sorta like the Chozo, Forerunners, etc.). (for the record to all of those guys who know about the Chozo and the Forerunners and how my previous statement is wrong. Good job)

ways you can get items

the ruins may contain items that you can obtain to progress through the game. Another way to gain items is to defeat bosses. when a boss is defeated they may drop an item.

items that I have made/have ideas for are…

  • main weapon (zapper)
  • I am thinking of adding a weapon (evil eye) that can do more damage then your base weapon and (if I can figure out how to make it) break props that your base weapon cannot. This weapon will have a limited amount of ammo. however you can find ammo extensions around the map. This weapon would be one of the items you get in the game.
    *see poll
  • Double jump
  • main weapon damage boosters
  • speed booster (will help you sprint over long gaps)
  • free water movement ability (I may try to add water sections)
  • heat resistance ability (some areas of the game will be super heated meaning if you enter you will take lots of damage via invisible lasers)

Should the prop breaking item be apart of your main weapon or separate

  • main weapon
  • separate weapon (personal favorite)
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If you have any ideas please let me know. :slight_smile:



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wow! You were planning

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Thank you. Originally I was planning on making this a SCRATCH project however my school district block it. Now that DLD is coming out my plans may finally be able to come true.

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What is the main weapon? If it is a sword, I would say not part of the main weapon. Only an axe would break stuff

Do you think their will even be combat in DLD creative

Like maybe melee (which I really want), or maybe a bow and arrow that would use a gravity system

yeah, in the video first showcasing the gameplay for DLD it showed shields and health.

yes, I understand that, but you are forced to have health and shield, and that was for the lasers, since it shows damage popup, tick?

The weird thing that shows how much damage you take

They still could’ve disabled health being shown.

true, wait, will they have a template for the whole map

and do you think there will be a tutorial gim, like for normal creative

Yeah, it would be good if they have a tutorial for DLD version of GIMKIT creative.

The main weapon is a zapper.

Oh yeah, I forgot there is no melee yet. Yes it should be able to destroy stuff.

Which one, the zapper or the weapon that does more damage?

The zapper should be able to destroy stuff. It shoots lasers.

The secondary weapon is the evil eye by the way.

look at this for a boss fight


its a mech boss

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