Item granter help

How do you make it so that the item granter only grants one item because when I have it, them it keeps granting infinite.

I think it is a problem with your system that you made because item granters usually only grant 1. Could you send me a screenshot of the system?

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I just have it item granter wired to the button then I have with the wire button pushed > grant item

That might be a bug then.

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hm ok.

Oh ok, I will try that.

Can you show a screenshot?

What’s the interaction duration in the button?

1 second

I don’t know then. Put this in bugs.


Is it still acting up?

yeah, like if i put grant $100, it still give multiples if I keep pushing the button.

Do you want a limit for pressing the button?

If so,

Button Pressed > Trigger

Triggered > Deactivate Button

(Make sure the trigger has a limit)

no i did not do that.

wait so put down the trigger and when trigerged, deactivate button?

Make sure to allow a certain number of triggers and adjust it to your liking.

so what do I change?

I’ll check tomorrow, gtg for now.