Item granter help

Set the Max Triggers to your liking.

oh ok. So if I set it to 1, it will only grant it once?

Yes. Thats how it should work.

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or you can set scope to player, make it send to a channel when pressed, and the same channel turns it off!

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Ah ok.

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Well try it and let me or any other person know if it does so you can mark a solution. Or nvm.

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I’ll try it first.

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So can I have it when I push the button then it deactivates the button? How can I do that?

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You have it send to a channel, and the same channel is in deactivate button.

What devices do I use?

Just a button.

A button or trigger, either will work.

Do do I make up a channel on Deactivate button when receiving on?

yes.You do this
When button pressed, transmit channel A, then Deactivate button when recieving on channel A.


ah ok

I would still use a channel, much neater and easier to use. And less mess.

yeah it worked. Tysm guys!

Your welcome, make sure to mark the post that you found the most helpful as the solution!

Wish I could mark 2