It’s impossible

Whenever I try to make a game I end up deleting it, no matter how hard I try I can’t commit to a game. Can you guys help me?


It’s not impossible, the word itself has I’m possible in it… and what’s the game for? If you want us to j0in the game, you can’t post the code here.


No it’s just whatever game I try to make it delete it—not just one game. Good work on the fish your way out thumbnail too.


Think of a really good game idea, and at least get it mostly done. You won’t delete it because of sunk cost fallacy. Also, get a really cool thumbnail with a unique name.


Maybe challenge yourself or bet yourself something, like: “I bet I can’t make a fully functioning chess game byt the end of this month”


so when you make a game and you are really excited about it dont delete it. especially if you have a really good idea. what you should do is save your best maps and then pick which one you want to finish. it was hard for me too because I got really frustrated with it. but don’t give up. sometimes if you really want something you should take time on it.


Try not making a simple idea, :yawning_face: then making it sloppy, which is probably why you delete them, because you don’t like it. Having 10 bad/mid games is worse than 1 awesome one and this applies to a lot of things in life, not just Gimkit Games.
So try planning it :memo:, think of an idea. Think of details, plans, easter eggs and all the criteria of making a good game, then make it, with your list, so it turns out good.
Think :thought_balloon: :brain::
Is it neat :bubbles:?
Does it have details :boom:?
Does it have side quests ?
Does it have a clear main story and instructions?
Is it eye-catching :eye: and :star2: unique :star2:?

If it has most of those or all of them, your map should be pretty good. :+1:

At this point, even if it is a good game and you end up publishing it, you need to…

  • Test for bugs :beetle: every once in a while.
  • Playtest it :joystick:
  • (OPTIONAL) Get your friends to play it! They can usually find or rate your guide differently as they didn’t make it, their input could be helpful!

If you need ideas, but want them to be unique, try this…

  • Search up on Google or Safari (or some other web browser) and look at games, then narrow it down to games that could be made in GKC and/or are fun and easy :green_square: to make
  • Think of games you’ve played before, and try to recreate it, or just make a variation of it.
  • Maybe even try to combine multiple games into one! You can always look at other Gimkit Discovery games for ideas.

If you need ideas, but don’t necessarily want them unique, try this…

This text is blue, :blue_heart: click on it to bring you to the guide. As you can see (or will see) there are many options, you could recreate one of those options, combine them, or use them as inspiration.
Remember, ideas are endless :infinity:

Thanks for reading GimSolver’s game criteria helper! :wave:

Wow, this seems like a guide, whatever, guide and post, same thing, well sorta.
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Try making a unique game and making a list of what you want in it before you start. Try to make sure that you like the idea and think that it’ll be fun before starting.


That is what’s helped me as I have personally deleted some of my maps due to them being too boring.


Why did you write an entire essay? lol


make sure to put a solution if you have solved your problem

Bro same with me I’ve deleted like a million of mine just cause I think that they are too original or to trash…


I was skeptical on my big Farmchain Map, I deleted it like 27 times before I gave in. What is the game you are making exactly?

I used to do that too! Just find what you want your goal to be for the game, and why your making it, work out the hard parts first, the boring parts 2nd, the fun parts 3rd, and decorating last. I hope my solution helps!

Always remember!

Just trying to help out the best I can :smiling_face:


Thank you this helped me

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