Island survival guide

ok i had an amazing idea after looking at posts on here and waching way too many minecraft vids i had an idea where everyone spawns on an islland and has to survive they can kill mobs to get food get weapons and then infultrate someone elses island i think it wil be cool, well lets get to it

[details=the islands]
ok so to start go to your settings where it says

next you whant to click it and change terrain to water of your choice next go wherever the heck you whant and make an island like this

then you can add a crate that when you break it it will give you loot

next is where you can craft stuff what you need is a game overlay popups and vending machines first place down the game overlay

now the popup
then go to the call to action and put this

then place an vending machine and make it not visable in game and make it to where you need silver seeds to give them a zapper wire the popup to the vending machine
call to action pressed ---------> attempt purchase, then place a popup and wire it to the vending machine, purchase failed----------> open popup and do this for the popup

now that you have fineshed crafting make as many islands just like that without the popup craft stuff, the islands you make should make a circle, then make a verry big island in the middle with a flag, the flag can be whatever color you whant and on each island put a flag capture zone the size of the island so when the player gets the flag and takes it to the island the game ends to do that place an end game device and wire it to the zone when flag captured- end game and do this to every game, there, youve fineshed my 2 day project AND YESS I SWEAR I DID WORK ON THIS FOR 2 FRIKEN DAYS if you have any problems just tell me the problem this will probably be not the last guide but my next one will be in a while so be ready foe my among us guide ty. but i have a new idea place a boat prop down with a button make the button say travell to next island an hook it up with a teleporter that teleports that player to the island next to them.


This is a really simple and a really good guide! Nice job @craftking12 !

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how did you read this in the 5 seconds of posting this topic? HOW HOWWWW TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

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Lol, I did was just read the main parts that stood out in the guide, like the main way to do it.

But it’s still a good guide nonetheless.

ok thanks i had an idea for the middle island, there can be like ruins of a temple and the flags just wating there, you could also put traps near it cuase that would be cool you could put moss and groundbreaking plants.

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if any one has any ideas tell me them

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Yeah, and many more:


Mind if I make a quick suggestion?
Move the grass on the island up 1 layer, it should make everything look better (:

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I need help, what does he mean by “add a crate that breaks and gives you loot.” I made an island but I don’t know how to add that. PLEASE HELP.