Is This a Good Thumbnail For my Upcoming Battle Royale Game?

Hello, I’m Kadenracer987, An I recently made this thumbnail for a new battle Royale game I’m working on. Can you rate this thumbnail? and I got rid of the title to prevent spoils anyways here it is!

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Thank you!


but the tiny gims could be a good idea

Yeah, I was thinking of that and the structures in the image represent actual things in the game

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yea that is a good idea

gim on top does look fire though


Yeah, took alot of editing

no question marks and spaces. Just letters only.

10/10 it looks kool

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maybe a little more going on in the background but it’s good!

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Well, Finished with what your saying @Kosm0-o!

Oh hey, welcome back Puffy!

Glad your back! :smiley: Just realized I forgot to welcome you back! Saw you on the discord!

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Screenshot 2024-04-16 6.17.03 PM


:sunglasses:there we go looks better

funny idea: Make a gim falling off the castle lol and have the 100 damage mark like in Fortnite.

I’ve been scared to open the forums. also thanks, and I saw you too!


ok, your barely gonna see the 100 though

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I love it but maybe move the gim to the other side cuz if u look closely its the shading is incorect and doesn’t match the fields

the dodge? is that the gim your talking about?

Yeah, I would too. Banned, vaporized, hated, loved, welcomed, many possibilities .

But glad your back!

And also, I think that’s all the ideas I got for the thumbnail. But the thumbnail overall is gives a nice look! I would say it is a 8/10, great thumbnail!

thanks. I worked hard, even though I used Adobe firefly for the background, and that was a challenge on its own