Is they're anyway I can make the animatronics (sentrys) move from place to place

I’m having a aneurysm because the most popular FNAF guide makes no sense because of the code, is they’re a easier way to do this? if possible? (pw: I basically already said this question just that I didn’t understand it…)

you and deactivate them and spawn them in a different place, but it has to be another sentry, not the same one.


Yes this is like the only way to do it, hopefully they soon update it so they can move somehow :laughing: you might also want a notification so players know where to find the sentry after you make it disappear then, spawn the new one…

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I made a guide on this if you want to check it out
How to make moving sentries

its actually pretty easy like why do no maps use them? I make myn in like 5 minutes its SOO easy.