Is there anyway to recover a guide that has been deleted?

I just made a guide on how to make a sentry move while carrying damage and I finished it right when I was about to post it I had kinda like an arm cramp and well my hand twisted and I accidentally deleted it is there anyway to recover it I worked hard and I don’t want to remake it

You can’t recover the guide. Maybe try going to discourse meta to get help on this.

No, you can’t. Did you happen to copy any part of it?


No? why would I- no I didn’t

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Just asking, but then you can’t… D:

oh :face_exhaling: guess I’m not making it again I’m too lazy




Hmm? well If you want it then sure I’ll redo the entire proccess

no, bbsi means bring back sentry interactions

by that title, i think you know what it means…

…sentries can’t be affected by devices

oh and also there’s already a guide on it:

It’s patched I made one that actually works