Is there any way to remove / edit the cooldown for a weapon?

I’m wanting to make a reward that actually feels rewarding for player’s hard work.

Not that I know of, but you could give faster weapons.

Now I wonder if there’s a way to check the current cooldown time for a weapon. If there is, I could probably makeshift something up from there

the cooldown time stays the same, so you could just have a property start out at that and check the property

I don’t think you can do that for now. You could just change or grant them a faster weapon like snowball launcher instead of slingshot

You could remove the cooldown through process of constantly removing and re-granting the weapon, so it grants a fresh, new full ammo weapon, that way you wouldn’t have to wait for it to reload.

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Assuming you want infinite refills, turn infinite refills off in the settings and make a checker repeatedly check if you have zero shards. If the check passes, you get your shards back and the weapon is taken away. Then use a wire repeater with a delay (which is your cooldown) to give the weapon back.


Actually, @ClicClac explained it much better:


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It sounds like I’m saying ClicClac explained it better than you, but I was replying to myself lol.

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Or you could make a trigger that slowly makes the cooldown faster when the weapons are granted and removed

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You actually can by using an item granter that takes away the weapon and a trigger that grants the weapon and shards via an item granter when an inventory item manager detects that you used up your shards(how many depends on the maximum amount of ammo a device has before cooldown.) Then turn infinite refills off in the settings. This method assumes that you want infinite refills.

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