Is there any way to change your keybinds on gimkit?

so I hope this doesn’t count as off topic

but I want to change my keybinds for movement and the creative button keybinds.
is there anyway to do that?

What are keybinds???

I don’t think you can, no.

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I’ll do my best to explain but
they are basically how you do things
like with wasd’
you move with that but
you can also move with the arrow keys
im not the best person to explain it

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hahhahaha u said wasd like peed.

don’t make off topic posts
I’m sure you knew that was off topic
also I always do that

I just want to see if I can get someone else to confirm if its true

I mean you could change:
this to something other like CO keyboard, then you’ll have something other than WASD.


Gimkit creative keybinds (Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square: )