Is there any way i could have a prop follow me

like i said in the top part, i want a prop to follow me, i think this is possible with player coordinates, is there any way to do this?

do you want it to seamlessly follow you? or do you want it to be in the same room as you?

just follow me wherever i go

there maybe could be, but it does require a very straight path

I don’t rlly know how to use the coordinate device, but I do know you can do it with that.

alright, i try that out, see what happens, and i’ve also seen people do blurs, how do you do that

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you have to have that prop in every single crevice of the game area. like it has to cover everything that the player can walk to. then use a coordinate device to update x and y properties. broadcast on a channel whe player moves. make a trigger that broadcasts on a channel (through blocks) based on what the players coordinates are and every single prop will hide/show on that channel. use concatenation if possible…
im not going to remake the system cause im not doing all that work for something that simple seeming.

ugh. Im sure that would suckk to make a minor edit with a prop in the way all the time lol.

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I think the coordinate system is better for this than the new player coordinate device.
now this takes up A TON of memory so if you want a cool map other than something following you then I suggest NOT doing this, but here it is:

basically, put this over your entire map… (sorry that will take an hour or two)
and now get a trigger that triggers itself on the same channel (0.1-second delay)

Ok now, you put down the props (one in each coordinate)

and in the props put in the channel:
prop show follow X coord , Y coord

like this:
Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 11.01.25 AM

remember to make the props player scoped

and you are done…

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