Is there a way to stop placing blocks?

i want to use the ores as a currency type thing (like fish in fishtopia) but i dont want them to be able to place the ores.

I don’t know

use an IIM and convert the amount to a property. once you do that use an item granter to delete the ores.



ok anyways as kosmo suggested, you might need to use an IIM or instead use a property.

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I currently can’t find a way to stop pacing the blocks. I looked at the IIM and the zone.

put an invisible barrier (alpha0.01) over the entire map!
(think-outside(inside)-of-the-box moment) lol

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but i still want the ores to be in their inventory

pure genius! do what chrysostom said!

unfortunately, i tried it and it doesnt work :frowning: i thought for sure it would!

Make sure the barrier is UNDER the player

edit: no, it should work no matter where it is…

alright, ill check if it is

it still doesnt work

idk how to help you, it works for me…

ohhhhh i figured it out. it wasnt enabled on game start (i copied the barrier from something else)

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