Is there a way to simulate events for the Game Host?

I remember there was once a setting in the relay to simulate something for the game host…

I don’t know the answer but how has this gone un-noticed for 15mins?


I think there was…


you can make a spawn and set the setting to game host spawns here

thats all i got

Thanks! Didn’t know about that

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I think ClicClac has once said that Lifecycles are only for game hosts.

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Oh yeah, Since the host was the one who triggered the event

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with the life cycle you can make the host do funny things like

they get speed booster

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Also, if you want some other stuff exclusively for the game host, then you can use the lifecycle device listening for the game start. Since the game host triggers the game’s start, the scope will be only for the host.

I did not say that. Please don’t turn me into the Sun Tzu of Gimkit.

That was getrithekid I think.

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There’s no i in between the k and d.

Hey, you said it!


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Oh like “Get rithek’d”?

Yeah. I started using it around 3 years ago.

Pronounced “Get Rai The Kuh Duh”?

Do you mind if I quote that in my bio?

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