Is there a way to make you lose health slowly?

Can I make the gimkit player slowly lose health?

You can’t or I don’t think yet. I haven’t found a way to, but others might know. Or it might not be in the game yet but could be added in the future with new updates

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pseudo health

Use Pseudo health

No other way, other than using lasers. (Or Pseudo health, yeah)

Bet thank ya’ll
(extra characters)

But doesn’t pseudo health just change the property instead of taking away health?

For extra character you can put lowercase letters in these <>

Yes? Is that a problem?

Nope just got a little confused there

OMG Yes I did this for a map once. I had a pseudo-health property, if you don’t know how to do that i think someone already linked a guide in this thread. Also after that you have a property called poison, where the number is however much health they are supposed to lose each time. then you have a repeater i think? i forgot which device i used but something to make it recur prob a repeater and then it changes the value of health property to (health - poison) and then of course when your health property is zero you die and respawn! I think that covers it. Ofc i need to make it an official guide but i’ll get that done soon.


Cool, but there’s already guides on that though.

oh whatever, i guess that’s what i get for waiting four months after finding a solution for something.